House Policies

General house policies

This section will inform you on all-in procedures and general Play4Green Poker house policies.

All-in procedures:

What happens if a player runs out of money during a hand or is disconnected?

If a player runs out of money during a hand or is disconnected by his ISP or system, by no means does a player have to fold his hand: the player may go "all-in." This means that a player cannot be forced out of a hand if he/she doesn't have enough money to complete the hand he/she started. When a player runs out of money in a hand and wants to stay in, he/she places what chips he/she does have into the pot and the game computer automatically places him/her "all-in."

As an all-in player, he/she can only contend for the money in a pot that he/she contributed to. Using this kind of all-in does not use up one of your two daily all-ins; those all-ins get used up only when you fail to act in time, either because you got distracted from the game, or disconnected from the game. All other action of remaining "active" players goes into a "side pot" to be fought for by them.

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How do you go all-in?

Players may go all-in for whole dollar amounts only. When you make a bet, call a bet or raise a bet that will reduce your balance to less than $1, you will be prompted to: "go all-in?" Yes or no?

Once a player is all-in:

  1. The player receives all cards as usual.
  2. The all-in player has no option to bet (obviously).
  3. All other money bet after the player is all-in cannot be won by the all-in player and will be put into a side pot for all active players to win.
  4. If the player who is all-in has the action, then the dealer will move to the next player clockwise. This will continue until an active player shows a better top hand.
  5. The player may fold his cards only on the river and only after the side pot (if there is one) has been awarded to active players.

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Other house policies

1. Server crash or game freeze:

In the event of a server crash that removes all players from the table or prevents the hand from continuing, the hand will be considered dead (void) and all monies will be returned to all players.

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2. Errors that do not cause a dead hand:

In the event the game pushes the pot to the wrong player or misreads the winning hand, certified poker support service members will correct the error by adjusting the players' accounts within 24 hours.

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3. Cheating of any kind:

If management suspects such an activity, the player(s) accused will be investigated. Players found to have been, or reasonably suspected of cheating in any form, will have their account privileges terminated throughout Play4Green Poker's casinos indefinitely. Using the standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt" to indicate cheating, Play4Green Poker has the right to confiscate any funds won while cheating. Confiscated funds will be distributed to victim players. Play4Green Poker will never keep confiscated funds. Any player who has funds confiscated for cheating will be told the screen names of the players who have received their money.

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4. Team play or collusion:

Team play or collusion is the act of two or more players "teaming up" to gain a competitive advantage by signalling card values or making raises and re-raises that are intended to force a victim player out of a pot. If customer service receives a complaint about such an activity or management suspects such activity, the players accused/suspected will have their accounts and playing activity reviewed by management. Players found to have been acting, or reasonably suspected of acting as a team, will have their account privileges terminated throughout Play4Green Poker's casinos indefinitely. If warranted, Capital Sports has the right to confiscate any funds won while acting as a team. Confiscated funds will be distributed to victim players.

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5. Violations of house rules - If a player commits any of the following acts, he is in breach/violation of house rules:

  1. Players may not chat about a hand while it is in progress (i.e., a comment like "I have a heart flush draw." General comments like "I'm going to get my revenge this hand" may be considered acceptable);
  2. Players may not offer advice to another player through the chat during a hand, or urge a player to take any kind of action;
  3. Only English may be written in the chat;
  4. Any foul, abusive or threatening language will not be tolerated on any game table;
  5. Players may not chat about any mucked cards they held during a hand; and
  6. Players may not chat about any current cards being held during a hand.

Management will judge the severity of a violation. Play4Green Poker has the right suspend or revoke membership privileges.

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