If you want to brew mead, you want this recipe. It’s intended for jarred honey, but I’m sure it can be adapted. It produces approximately 2 pints of unrefined mead a week. You can either finish it in another container, filter it, or drink it cloudy:

3-4 lbs of honey
1 sachet of champagne yeast

* Scrape the honey out of the jar into a plastic measuring jug , fill the jar with just off boiling water to dissolve the remaing honey , pour this into the jug and stir with a fork till its all dissolved , add 2 jars of cold water.
* Pour into a sterilised demijohn
* Repeat until the demijohn is 3/4 full
* When the honey/water mix is bloodheat or less , tip in the champagne yeast, fit airlock
* Exactly one lunar month later you have a gallon of mead at 12% alcohol

Take up to two pints a week, replacing whatever you drink with honey/water in the same proportions of 1 honey to 3 water. it keeps going for years with maybe just a few grains of cracked wheat as nutrient for the yeast. Too sweet, wait a week. Too strong, add more honey. Unless you like exploding bottles, don’t bottle it unless you finish it.

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