snöggsteikt kjöt

November 9th, 2009

200gr grísahnakki skorinn í þunna strimla

smá rifið (maukað) engifer
kúfuð msk púðursykur

Grænmeti með

1 laukur
ca. bolli strengjabaunir
ca. bolli babymaís
dós af vatnskastaníum

Saxa 2 litla chillipipra
Saxa 4 hvítlauksgeira
Svartur pipar

2 msk vatn
1 msk sojasósa
1 msk sérrý eða martini
1/2 msk hunang

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Steikja baunir í olíu og taka til hliðar
Steikja maís og taka til hliðar
Steikja lauk, búa til pláss fyrir kjöt, setja kjöt á pönnu og kvítlauk og chilli ofan á. Ekki hræra fyrr en eftir 1 mínútu, svo kjötið nái að brúnast almennilega, og hvítlaukurinn brenni ekki. Steikja svo kjötið á hreyfingu eftir að það hefur brúnast.

Bæta við maís, steikja í mín. Bæta við baunum og kastaníuhnetum og steikja í mín. Bæta við sósu og steikja í mín.


Strákarnir sögðu ommnomm.


August 9th, 2008

Þessi bænaganga fór gjörsamlega fram hjá mér á sínum tíma. Mér finnst ótrúlegt hvað kirkjunnar menn get lagst lágt. Að Baldur Freyr, hommahatari og morðingi sé þarna í aðalhlutverki segir allt sem segja þarf.

Ætli besta nafnið á þessa göngu væri ekki ógleðigangan.

Löggan í dag

April 23rd, 2008

Svona er íslenska lögreglan í dag.

Sticking with it

August 26th, 2007

As the very few readers of this blogs can clearly see, I find it hard to stick to projects at home. I got discouraged with wmii on cygwin, as it wasn’t really all that, to me. I’ve not completely given up on emacs, but I dislike lisp and esp. elisp for some reason, and until I’ve trained my self to love lisp, I cant stay enthused about emacs. Also I find that the plugin system is a bit of a mess. Anyway I’ve once again settled on jEdit as my main editor.

One thing that I’ve been planning for a long time has been to get pythonid, the python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, up to the same standard as the ruby plugin. IntelliJ IDEA is the greatest IDE I’ve tried for java, and the wealth of framework available to build on is astounding. They’ve managed to incorporate JavaScript as well, with a bunch of refactorings, so it should be possible to do something similiar with python. Main disadvantage is having to write in java or at least jython. Oh, well.

Anyway gonna setup a plan I can stick to, so this one won’t be relegated to the half-started projects bin.

Teabag post

January 5th, 2007

Tons has happened.

I had surgery. Some things which were preventing normal drainage of my sinuses were cut away. Not fun

My older son received the yellow belt in karate.

Then there was Christmas (Jól in Icelandic, which is the old pagan name). My older son insisted that we celebrate Christmas because of Baby Jesus’ birth. My younger son then made the astute observation, that after Christmas, the Baby would crawl back into his Mommy’s belly.

Many presents were exchanged. The boys each got a ton of Lego. I got a USB wireless gamepad, compatible with PCs, XBox and PS2 from my brother-in-law. This has been put to good use in Lego Star Wars, which the boys also got.

I got Jeeves&Wooster, the complete series, on DVD from my wonderful wife. That was a big surprise as I had mentioned it in passing quite a while ago. Quite chuffed about that. I got her a perfume and body lotion which she has worn almost every day since.

Between Christmas and New Years Eve I had to work a bit, which was a bit of a bummer. I was still able to enjoy Christmas vacation though. Much needed and deserved rest.


November 20th, 2006

Not the Sugarcubes song, but my very own 29th birthday. I was woken up by Fjóla, Emil, and Kári singing the birthday song for me. Fjóla got me a very nice engraved pewter pocketflask, and the boys drew me pictures 🙂

Fjóla claims that I’ve now been “Old” for 2 years, but as I see it I have one year before I can be considered such.

My family and friends were constantly calling me up and wishing me happy birthday.

I would have liked to take the day off, but unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow that right now. But it was a nice birthday 🙂


November 19th, 2006

Went to see the Sugarcubes yesterday. This was their first reunion since they broke up in 1992. I had a great time, especially since the Sugarcubes were obviously having the time of their lives. Björk was bouncing around and dancing, and exchanging smiles with Einar Örn. Sigtryggur, the drummer, was as amazing as always. Bragi, the bass player, got a bit of a solo in the encore, and seemed to enjoy himself. Great concert.

Múm played support. I liked what they were doing, but thought the singers were a bit over the top though. I guess they were mainly not used to performing to such a big crowd.

Rass also supported. They are a very hard punk-rock band and played some exceedingly good, and supremely short political songs. I liked them better than Múm actually.

Afterwards we met up with Mummi, my brother, and Marta, his girlfriend. They came home for some tea (honest!) and a chat.


November 16th, 2006

After much farking around with startxwin.bat, rebaseall, wmiirc (the ruby version), and the ruby configuration file, I’ve finally managed to get wmii up and running on cygwin.

Pure wmii doesn’t really work on Cygwin. It seems like there is some buffering on file sockets which means e.g. that Mod-p won’t kick in until I’ve switched buffers a few times. So I decided to go for ruby-wmii, which is nicely scriptable in Ruby, and has a faster implementation of IXP (which I’m not quite sure what is, but has something to with filesockets).

I’m really looking forward to trying this out in a serious way.

wmii built, doesn’t start

November 13th, 2006

I was finally able to build wmii. Turns out that Cygwin doesn’t like to link to X11 before linking to the wmii libs.

So I changed the Makefile in cmd and cmd/wm to read:

LDFLAGS = -L../liblitz -llitz -L../libixp -lixp -L../libcext -lcext

instead of

LDFLAGS += -L../liblitz -llitz -L../libixp -lixp -L../libcext -lcext

This worked like a charm. Unfortunately I am unable to start the bloody thing but I think I’ve found out why. DISPLAY is set to in startx and/or startxwin, and the wmii script tries to create a folder in tmp that has this in it’s name. That works on most unixen, but not cygwin, due to the colon, which is probably illegal on windows. So I’ll have to replace that colon somehow.


I modified the wmii file to

# start wmiiwm and wait for its termination

wmiiwm -c || exit 1

PATH=$HOME/.wmii-3:CONFPREFIX/wmii-3:$PATH export PATH
BLE=`echo /tmp/ns.$USER.${DISPLAY%.0} | sed 's|:|_|'`

mkdir -m 700 $BLE 2>/dev/null
wmiiwm -a $WMII_ADDRESS &
mkdir "$HOME/.wmii-3" 2>/dev/null && welcome &
wmiirc &
wait $wmiiwmpid

This quotes the home directory, which is good, since I stupidly still have Home = “Documents and Settings\Nonni”. This also replaces any colons in the socket file with an underscore, using sed.

Consolidation + wmii

November 12th, 2006

What I want out of emacs, in concrete terms, is slowly consolidating. I had a look at the cedet package (Semantic et al), and after getting Cygwin to make for me, I installed it, as well as ECB. I’m very pleased with ECB+Semantic so far. It understands Python well enough, and it seems to have a nice parser error recovery. Semantic can also be given a sense of projects, which to me is essential. It only looks at directories though, but I don’t really think that’s a problem.

Emacs is slowly but surely changing into a more productive tool for me. I’ve started using ido-mode, which is incredibly nice. It’s a completion type of thing for files in the minibuffer, it’s easy enough to try out as it’s built in, just do M-x ido-mode.

One thing I’ve been thinking about is that C-x b should not only look at buffers in memory, but also files on disk, as long as those files are part of some kind of a project. I haven’t found the right thing yet, and this may very well end up being my first elisp hack.

I’ve looked in undo-browse.el, and liking that, though the colour highlighting is a bit weird. I’d find it more natural to color code the changes in some kind of a blue-red spectrum according to age, and I suppose that should be easy enough to hack.

Emacs cut and paste scheme, unfortunately, is not growing on me. I’m not quite sure why I shouldn’t just start using CUA-mode. Apparently yanking is all the rage, but I find it quite fickle. I’ll give it a bit more time. I’m also trying to use C-b and friends to navigate, when I do remember it’s quite satisfying, but usually when I start thinking about navigating, my fingers are already at the arrows. I guess I should also start doing backspace with C-something, as that would be quite Emacsee. Maybe C-j, even though that, in my mind means join line.

Also I need to think about whether I want to rebind something to goto-line. I suppose M-g g is okay though.

One thing I miss is going back and forth through edit points. There is an el file somewhere that lets you go back and forth through editing points in a single file, but I want to to jump around files with abandon! Anyway I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, and if not I guess I’ll have to hack it.

Also, the Emacs Wiki rules, very helpful.

Apart from Emacs, I have been setting up Cygwin, and have also been trying to set up wmii through Cygwin. Unfortunately the makefiles are doing something wrong, so that it can’t link against libX11.dll.a (Cygwin’s version of libX11.a). I’ll have to experiment a bit, and then present my findings to the wmii people.

Anyway, enough for now. Sorry for rambling, I’ll hopefully start to blog in more coherent way with practice.