From 2008
TM software
Still working for SimDex alongside other work for TMS. Developed a payment application in C for Valitor. Worked closely with their customer support to get the UI and user experience correct. Adapted the Ruby DB2 bindings to actually work for our environment, and used Watir along with DBI to do web testing on the SimDex system.

From 2005
C programming and design of prepay applications on POS terminals, 8051 microcontroller, and ARM9 chips. I’m also working extensively on the J2EE/EJB 2.0 server. I’ve been the driving force behind automated testing using Python and jUnit. Scripting and reporting with Python. Great deal of SQL optimizations for DB2 and some slight database administration.

C++ and J2ME mobile phone applications. Automatic generation and layout of astrology pdf charts using python for Web programming, HTML and CSS.

J2ME on mobile phones for betting applications. I wrote a library to do threaded updates so we could update parts of a page (a bit like AJAX) . Implented a tiny subset of an xml engine. Adapted a small crypto library for the phone. Wrote some python helpers to autogenerate J2ME code for different target mobiles, and to parse and size optimize JVM bytecode. Managed the development of a java server/proxy. HTML and CSS, slight linux administration.

Design and implementation of the 3D engine in C++. Optimization of server code, client code, both Python and C++. Started a skunk works operation to create better tools for monitoring the server load. Design and implementation of game subsystems in Python. Tool programming for 3d artists.

1999 – 2000
Iceland Post
Design and implementation in SAP of: Real-time customs tracking; Electronic customs-clearance software; International EDI message system; Home delivery management software. Back-end of parcel tracking service.

University of Iceland, Department of Physics
Teaching Assistant (w/school). Taught experimental physics to first year students. According to my students I was very enthusiastic, and made them more enthusiastic about physics.

Kögun hf.
Summer job. Optimizations in Ada for the Icelandic air defense system. Implementation in Delphi of parts of a strategic simulation system.

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