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Sticking with it

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

As the very few readers of this blogs can clearly see, I find it hard to stick to projects at home. I got discouraged with wmii on cygwin, as it wasn’t really all that, to me. I’ve not completely given up on emacs, but I dislike lisp and esp. elisp for some reason, and until I’ve trained my self to love lisp, I cant stay enthused about emacs. Also I find that the plugin system is a bit of a mess. Anyway I’ve once again settled on jEdit as my main editor.

One thing that I’ve been planning for a long time has been to get pythonid, the python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, up to the same standard as the ruby plugin. IntelliJ IDEA is the greatest IDE I’ve tried for java, and the wealth of framework available to build on is astounding. They’ve managed to incorporate JavaScript as well, with a bunch of refactorings, so it should be possible to do something similiar with python. Main disadvantage is having to write in java or at least jython. Oh, well.

Anyway gonna setup a plan I can stick to, so this one won’t be relegated to the half-started projects bin.