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Teabag post

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Tons has happened.

I had surgery. Some things which were preventing normal drainage of my sinuses were cut away. Not fun

My older son received the yellow belt in karate.

Then there was Christmas (Jól in Icelandic, which is the old pagan name). My older son insisted that we celebrate Christmas because of Baby Jesus’ birth. My younger son then made the astute observation, that after Christmas, the Baby would crawl back into his Mommy’s belly.

Many presents were exchanged. The boys each got a ton of Lego. I got a USB wireless gamepad, compatible with PCs, XBox and PS2 from my brother-in-law. This has been put to good use in Lego Star Wars, which the boys also got.

I got Jeeves&Wooster, the complete series, on DVD from my wonderful wife. That was a big surprise as I had mentioned it in passing quite a while ago. Quite chuffed about that. I got her a perfume and body lotion which she has worn almost every day since.

Between Christmas and New Years Eve I had to work a bit, which was a bit of a bummer. I was still able to enjoy Christmas vacation though. Much needed and deserved rest.


Monday, November 20th, 2006

Not the Sugarcubes song, but my very own 29th birthday. I was woken up by Fjóla, Emil, and Kári singing the birthday song for me. Fjóla got me a very nice engraved pewter pocketflask, and the boys drew me pictures 🙂

Fjóla claims that I’ve now been “Old” for 2 years, but as I see it I have one year before I can be considered such.

My family and friends were constantly calling me up and wishing me happy birthday.

I would have liked to take the day off, but unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow that right now. But it was a nice birthday 🙂


Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Went to see the Sugarcubes yesterday. This was their first reunion since they broke up in 1992. I had a great time, especially since the Sugarcubes were obviously having the time of their lives. Björk was bouncing around and dancing, and exchanging smiles with Einar Örn. Sigtryggur, the drummer, was as amazing as always. Bragi, the bass player, got a bit of a solo in the encore, and seemed to enjoy himself. Great concert.

Múm played support. I liked what they were doing, but thought the singers were a bit over the top though. I guess they were mainly not used to performing to such a big crowd.

Rass also supported. They are a very hard punk-rock band and played some exceedingly good, and supremely short political songs. I liked them better than Múm actually.

Afterwards we met up with Mummi, my brother, and Marta, his girlfriend. They came home for some tea (honest!) and a chat.

Obligatory first post

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Yay! My very own place on the internet. Here I shall expound on such subjects as violin practice, programming, and life in general.
I tend to get quite obsessed with my interests du jour, which right now is Emacs, which I have just decided to invest my time in. So, if I’m not mistaken my next post shall be on that holy grail of a software.