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Teabag post

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Tons has happened.

I had surgery. Some things which were preventing normal drainage of my sinuses were cut away. Not fun

My older son received the yellow belt in karate.

Then there was Christmas (Jól in Icelandic, which is the old pagan name). My older son insisted that we celebrate Christmas because of Baby Jesus’ birth. My younger son then made the astute observation, that after Christmas, the Baby would crawl back into his Mommy’s belly.

Many presents were exchanged. The boys each got a ton of Lego. I got a USB wireless gamepad, compatible with PCs, XBox and PS2 from my brother-in-law. This has been put to good use in Lego Star Wars, which the boys also got.

I got Jeeves&Wooster, the complete series, on DVD from my wonderful wife. That was a big surprise as I had mentioned it in passing quite a while ago. Quite chuffed about that. I got her a perfume and body lotion which she has worn almost every day since.

Between Christmas and New Years Eve I had to work a bit, which was a bit of a bummer. I was still able to enjoy Christmas vacation though. Much needed and deserved rest.